It’s Coming. Scratch That. It’s Here.

There is a revolution taking place in the way your business will engage, acquire and support your customers. Now comes a whole new world of possibilities for customer contact center solutions. One in which people collaborate with intelligent machines to take these interactions to another level.

Humans plus machines.
That's Humach.

hu·mach / ’(h)yoo-mä’SH

A portmanteau combining the words humans and machines.

noun – An outsourced customer service and sales provider; creator of a system that combines the creativity and intuition of humans with the computational power, analytics, and automation of machines.

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3 Reasons Why Humans Are Still Needed as Machines Become Dominant

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Humach makes things simpler, more scalable, and more practical.



Simpler because you’ll let people do what people do best, while machines do what machines do best. Our innovative technology platform requires little handholding. (Put your handholding dollars where you need them most, where agents come in contact with your customers.)



Our cloud-based platform enables dynamic response, whether using your own in-house staff or tapping into our expansive offering of anywhere agents: domestic, remote, offshore, nearshore and virtual. No matter customer demand, you’re always ready and able to add seats, queues and interfaces anytime—without taking the system off line.



Bring together the right blend of human and machine and remarkableness ensues. You pay only for the services you need and get customer experts up and running fast. Authentic engagement (that’s your human part) combined with computational power (that’s your machine) minimizes effort and maximizes outcomes for customers, employees and businesses.

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