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Our Experience

Humach specializes in turnaround for underperforming and distressed assets, as well as assets that are in transition operationally. Our unique five pillar approach allows us to quickly and completely evaluate your asset and develop a strategic plan for rapid results. Using this process, our team of experts have:

  • Consistently delivered 8 - 22% cost reduction while maintaining employee morale and world class consumer satisfaction scores.
  • Led Fortune 500 companies through multiple automation and efficiency projects, reducing operational expenses by 30 - 60%.
  • Increased revenue 28% annually over a 20-year period for one of the largest healthcare organizations in the United States.

Our approach produces high-yield results and immediate return on investment allowing for stabilization and scale. We’re laser-focused on improvement, and will help you find sources of sustainable revenue, improve your bottom line, reduce operational expenses, and increase your enterprise value.

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